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When it comes to choosing your holiday destination, Europe is very hard to beat - and its right on your doorstep.

With its magical cities, sandy beach resorts, island paradises, breathtakingly beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers, great food and wine, what's not to like?

With such a diverse range of landscapes and scenery, you will find whatever it is that you are looking for on your break.

Quiet island retreats, bustling seaside resorts, island hopping, river cruising or being a culture vulture - Europe has it all - and you can be there in jiffy.


Here are just a few place for you to consider...


Tapas, Paella, Sangria, Flamenco and Siestas - just a few things that make Spain  a unique place to visit. 


With a magnificent range of sun soaked resorts on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands, Spain has everything you could want for a family  beach holiday.   


For more of a city vibe, then combine the seaside with the artistic sights in Barcelona or head inland to the capital Madrid where you can enjoy everything from the food to the football

long beach Platja larga in Salou Tarrago


RF_Italy_Amalfi Coast_154221428.jpg

From the spectacular Amalfi coastline via the shimmering Italian lakes to gliding along the Venice canals in your own personal gondola, check out the  ancient city ruins of Pompeii, the Colosseum in Rome and say 'Hello' to Michelangelo's David in Florence. 

And since you are in Tuscany why not sample the local Chianti whilst spending an hour or three over a delicious al-fresco fresh pasta lunch?

Italy is as diverse as it is beautiful - just the place to enjoy La Dolce Vita!


Greek Islands

A land of mythical gods and goddesses, culturally enriched by ancient legends which are entwined into modern life. 


Greece is a rich tapestry of unspoiled beaches, sun-bleached ruins, secluded islands and stunning scenery.  

Whether you are looking for quiet relaxation, or the buzz of exciting nightlife, a living history lesson or hopping from one island jewel to another, then Greece has something to offer you.

Enjoy home grown olives, Feta, fresh fish, tzatziki, Ouzo and the many other ingredients that make up this culinary landscape.


Greek holidays. Symi


Fabulous food - family friendly - fun and frolics - Turkey is the paradise of turquoise seas and soft sandy beaches.

There are lots of resorts to choose from and many types of holidays available  - and it's great value for money.

Why not try a Gulet cruise - a traditional Turkish boat and explore the spectacular coastline?




The most visited country in the world, France is world renowned for its food, fine wine and fashion, and is 'trés chic' for its romantic cities, relaxing Riviera beaches and resplendent rivers.

The French countryside offers some of the most enchanting and picturesque towns and villages you will find anywhere.


Beautiful chateaux and verdant vineyards pepper these historically significant and culturally rich places each with their unique architecture and beauty. 

Combine these beautiful places with a great selection of accommodation, activities  and endless sunshine and you have the perfect recipe for a great holiday or romantic break.

These are just a few of the places that Europe has to offer - don't forget to check out Austria, Malta, Sicily, Madeira, Albania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria - the list goes on.. and on...
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