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Everyone should experience a safari at least once in their lifetime!

There is nothing to compare to seeing majestic wild animals in their natural habitat.  Photographs you take on your trip will become treasured memories of a wonderful holiday in years to come.

Children really love safaris and what better way is there for them to learn all about nature than to be part of it?

Experienced guides, who know all there is to know about the wildlife will make sure you get the best views of both the animals and the stunning scenery.

Going on a safari holiday may not be as expensive as you think with many tour operators offering pre-packaged trips that include the majority of your needs - then you can choose to add more , like maybe a hot air balloon trip if you like.

Accommodation ranges from 'glamping' under canvas to 5 star lodges, but wherever you choose to stay - it will be an unforgettable time.

Consider making your holiday a two centre affair - by adding a beach break at the end.

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