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Mexico & The Caribbean


When we think of a tropical beach holiday, the Caribbean is always up there. With hundreds of islands scattered in Caribbean Sea – the region boasts an amazing year-round climate has miles and miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, shimmering, crystal-clear water and incredible biodiversity.

The Caribbean islands are amongst the most prestigious holiday destinations in the world where  you can live a dream life, relaxing, diving, watching wildlife, sailing, strolling on the beach, on the mountains -  what you like to do best, you can do in the Caribbean ... 

And the pace of life is slowwwww....


Barbados is one of the Windward Islands and is approximately 14 miles wide  and a  21 miles in length


The fashionable west coast, lapped by the Caribbean sea is home to the island’s most iconic resorts and chic hotels

The livelier south coast has great nightlife, family-friendly resorts and top kitesurfing spots.

Bridgetown is not just the capital of Barbados; it is also the island's only city and boasts beautiful architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage site, terrific shopping and world-class restaurants, all  set with blue skies, palm trees and the country's only natural harbour.

As the  birthplace of rum – be sure to try a rum punch! ( or two...).


Dominican Republic


Occupying two thirds of the island of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic the home of spectacular soft golden sandy beaches, lapped with pure turquoise seas and swaying palms.

It is also incredibly diverse with tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, alpine ranges and sugar plantations.

Best visited between November and May, the resorts of Santo Domingo, Punta Cana and Higuey are most popular and have many  all-inclusive luxury hotels to choose from.


The  largest island in the Caribbean, capital is Havana, the official currency is the Cuban peso and official language is Spanish.In addition to Havana, major cities include Baracoa, known for its amazing beaches; Trinidad,  famous for its colonial architecture; Varadero, another beach resort area; Pinar del Rio, home to the country’s most prominent cigar manufacturing; and Santiago de Cuba, a lovely town on the Caribbean coast.

If you’re planning a trip, the best time to visit is between December and April and be sure to hit some of the most popular attractions. The Havana Malecon, or boardwalk, is a great place to stroll, sightsee and people-watch. Havana Viejo lets you catch a glimpse of Cuba as it was many years ago.


Be sure to sip on a Mojito or Cuba Libre,  and don’t leave without cigars, coffee and rum!




Jamaica epitomizes what the Caribbean is all about. This gorgeous island, capital city, Kingston, is a wonderfully cosmopolitan place and offers a variety of great cultural and historical attractions, as well as an amazing nightlife.

Major cities include Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril.

If you’re a reggae fan, Bob Marley’s birthplace and gravesite in Nine Mile is not to be missed. Dunn’s River Falls, which soar down a whopping 600 feet, are absolutely stunning.  Spend your time basking in the sun, splashing in the surf, golfing, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling or horse riding.  As for cuisine, ackee and saltfish is a mainstay and jerk chicken, is something every visitor must try!


It is believed that Christopher Columbus first  arrived on the Bahamian island of San Salvador in 1492 , followed by the British in 1697! ( We know a good thing when we see it!).


Due to its long history with Great Britain even today the Bahamas continues to be very 'British'. 

Though the Bahamas consist of thousands of islands, only a handful get any real attention from tourists. New Providence Island is home to Nassau, the capital. It’s also where you’ll find the world-famous Atlantis resort. Grand Bahama is best known for its amazing underwater cave systems.


Many cruise lines own and operate private resort islands as well. Most of the islands in the Bahamas are long, flat coral reef formations. 

If you’d like to visit the Bahamas, the best time is generally between late December and early May. You can fill your days lazing on the famous pink beaches, boating around the islands, noshing on cracked conch, enjoying the local rum and splashing about in the year-round 80-degree clear blue waters.

What is not to like?


Turks & Caicos

Although often overshadowed by their closest neighbour, the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a charming island chain offering a more authentic "deserted island" feel than any other in the Caribbean. 

The vast majority of visitors are lured  by the island chain's incredible, pristine beaches.

Like any Caribbean holiday destination, Turks and Caicos is home to several world-class resorts, but it's also characterised by quaint, charming inns that offer surprising levels of personalised service.


With friendly locals, gorgeous year-round weather and some of the warmest, most vibrantly turquoise waters in the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos deserve to be on everyone's must-visit list.

For more information about all these, or any of the other tropical island destinations you might like - just give us a call or drop us a line!
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